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The Most Advanced Sleep Mask 🌐

    Embrace the eclipse.

    "Discover the art of perfect sleep with Cozea."

    how does Cozea compare?

    Cozea Sleep Mask

    generic sleep mask


    100% BLACKOUT

    boosts REM and Deep Sleep

    Great for Back, Belly and Side sleepers

    ZERO pressure on eyes

    infinitely adjustable for personalized fit

    won't crush eyelashes

    swappable strap and eye cups

    durable, high-quality materials

    People who have tried Cozea also say:

    “This sleep mask is like someone is hugging your face, I cannot describe how amazing it is.”

    "The Cozea sleep mask is a game-changer! It’s unbelievably comfortable and I wake up feeling refreshed every morning."

    "Exceptional customer service and a product that delivers! The Cozea sleep mask has enhanced my sleep quality significantly. It’s like sleeping in the clouds, thank you so much!"

    "Great purchase I recommend everyone to try it"


    Frequently Asked Questions:


    "Cozea Sleep Mask is expertly designed with slimline contours on the eye cups, ensuring minimal material interference between your head and the pillow, making itideal for side sleepers."

    “Cozea Sleep Mask is designed to fit every face type perfectly.

    The head strap itself is fully adjustable as well.”

    Cozea Sleep Mask is perfect for traveling.

    It gives you 100% blackout even in broad daylight. It doesn’t put any pressure directly on the eyes, so you won’t get blurry vision when you take it off.”

    “Yes, Cozea Sleep Mask is 100% machine washable.

    To wash the mask, use cold water and put the mask (with the eye cups) in the included carrying pouch, which doubles as a laundry mesh net, and put it in the washer.”

    Cozea Sleep Mask features ventilation holes and perforated materials so air can move freely through your mask to optimize your skin temperature.


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