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The Most Advanced Sleep Mask 🌐

    Cozea™ Sleep Mask

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    Cozea™ Sleep Mask

    "Sleep in Luxury: Discover the Cozea Difference"






    100% Blackout for Deep Sleep - Experience complete darkness with Cozea's sleep mask.

    Zero Eye Pressure for Ultimate ComfortThis feature is crucial for preventing discomfort and ensuring a restful night without any disturbance to your REM cycle.

    Engineered for Side Sleepers - tailored for side sleepers, ensuring comfort and alignment.

    Breathable Materials for Cooling ComfortCrafted with innovative, breathable materials, Cozea sleep masks offer a cooling effect for maximum comfort.

    Luxurious Quality for a Premium Sleep ExperienceEach Cozea sleep mask is a testament to luxury and quality. 



    Clinically Proven and Endorsed by Sleep Experts


    Crafted with our exclusive Cozea™ Comfort Technology, the Cozea™ Sleep Mask guarantees a restful sleep with zero eye pressure.

    The Cozea™ design was rigorously tested by a panel of sleep specialists and included a diverse group of 40 individuals aged 20-70.

    Each participant used the Cozea™ Sleep Mask for a full night's sleep. Before and after the trial, participants were evaluated for overall sleep quality, comfort level, and ease of falling asleep.

    Here are the results after just one night of using the Cozea™ Sleep Mask:

    • 100% of participants reported improved sleep quality
    • 85% of participants fell asleep faster than usual
    • 0% of participants experienced discomfort or pressure on the eyes
    • Significant enhancement in REM sleep quality observed


    Clinically Approved Materials, One Advanced Sleep Solution
    Materials: Memory Foam, Breathable Cotton, Hypoallergenic Fabric, Adjustable Straps, Soft Padding, Cooling Gel, Non-Toxic Dyes.

    how does Cozea compare?

    Cozea Sleep Mask

    generic sleep mask


    100% blackout

    machine washable

    zero pressure on eyes

    infinitely adjustable

    won't crush eyelashes

    swappable strap and eye cups

    advanced ventilation


    Frequently Asked Questions:


    "Cozea Sleep Mask is expertly designed with slimline contours, ensuring minimal material interference between your head and the pillow, making itideal for side sleepers."

    Cozea Sleep Mask is designed to fit every face type perfectly.

    The head strap itself is fully adjustable as well.”

    “Cozea Sleep Mask is perfect for traveling.

    It gives you 100% blackout even in broad daylight. It doesn’t put any pressure directly on the eyes, so you won’t get blurry vision when you take it off.”

    “Yes, Cozea Sleep Mask is 100% machine washable.

    To wash the mask, use cold water and put the mask (with the eye cups) in the included carrying pouch, which doubles as a laundry mesh net, and put it in the washer.”

    Cozea Sleep Mask features ventilation holes and perforated materials so air can move freely through your mask to optimize your skin temperature.


    “Have been using Cozea mask before and now purchased another one for my Wife it is AMAZING! Light sensitive adhd me is having best sleep ever!”

    This thing is great!

    “No light gets in and I love that I can open my eyes they aren’t swished shut like most masks”

    “Great for side sleepers.

    The mask is well made, light and comfortable.”

    Perfect for daytime nap!

    “These really do block out the light! I used them for a daytime nap after being up all night for a work.

    Slept great!”

    "I use it every single night at home but also on planes and even while i go camping - basically everywhere"

    - Moe H.

    "The Cozea Sleep Mask has such luxurious material that your face"

    - Jana M.

    “I’ve been using an app to help monitor my sleep patterns. Last night, with this mask, I did not wake up once, for the first time in months, and my Rem went from 0-4% to 14% and my deep sleep from 20-48%” - Tiffany

    Total Darkness Guarantee

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    Excellent Customer Service

    Premium Quality Guarantee